Thought Catalog – PretentiousPDX’s New Endeavors in 2014

Happy 2014, all!

On the off chance that you read this site regularly and DON’T follow us on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram (and really, you should), we thought we’d give you an update about what PretentiousPDX has been up to, lately.

In addition to writing Thoughts From Last Night for 94/7 (which has taken me everywhere from Pearl Jam to December To Remember to  New Years Eve at Mississippi Studios), last December I started contributing occasionally to Thought Catalog, which is a like a cross between HuffPo and a vanity press. Here’s a quick summary of what you may have missed:


The 3 Women You’ll Love In Your 20s 
A little more personal than my usual PPDX fair, this confessional piece went up in early December and kicked off my introduction into the world of mainstream blogging.

Why You Shouldn’t Try to Find a Boyfriend or Girlfriend in 2014
What were you doing on New Year’s Day? Writing a bitingly sarcastic about dating and unrealistic resolutions? Yeah, I didn’t think so, but don’t worry – I got you covered.

8 Songs That Will Shake You Out of Your Chronic Procrastination
Probably the most PretentiousPDX-like article I’ve written for Thought Catalog.

The 4 Accessories Every Man Should Own
Ironically, this is the most controversial thing I’ve written for TC, yet.

So there you have it, kids! If you want to read our latest contributions to the world of blogging, check out my author profile on Thought Catalog.

Stay sharp, Portland.

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