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The only reason this disclaimer exists is because the folks at Stripe don’t understand seem to understand what an Influencer is.

Yume has been killing it on the Portland scene since 1985, but he decided to bring his particular brand of Portland affectation (and love of third-person writing) to the masses in 2012. Since then, PretentiousPDX has offered a tongue-in-cheek perspective on music, popular culture and life in the Hipster Capital of the World, especially Portland’s thriving dining and cocktail scene.

Check back on the regular for new content – humorous essays, product reviews and recommendations – all delivered to you from beautiful Portland, Oregon. Read more about our team here.

In addition writing for the fount of wisdom that is PretentiousPDX, Yume is a recovering music blogger, having spent over year writing “Thoughts From Last Night,” 94/7 KRNK’s live music blog. As a freelancer, his writing has also been featured in The Portland Mercury and on websites such as Thought Catalog and Localeur.

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Stay sharp, Portland.

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