My Perfect Playlist, Round 2

Back in August, I got my 15 Minutes on when I was lucky enough have my “Perfect Playlist” played on KNRK – 94.7 FM. In addition to making me feel super badass, I was very pleasantly surprised to find that temporary notoriety was not the only perk to getting airplay on the radio. That week’s prize was a pair of passes to Bumbershoot 2012 in Seattle, which Jenna B of Wait And Scene and I dutifully attended (it’s a dirty job, but somebody’s gotta do it, right?).

Now, after three months, I’m back with another prize, and another Perfect Playlist, thanks to Gustav and the fine folks at KNRK. I originally compiled this playlist right before the election, but I still think it retains some Americana-esque relevance. Check it, Portland!

1. Wolf Parade – Little Golden Age
Whenever I hear this song, I feel this instant wave of a nostalgia for a moment somewhere in the past that I can’t quite pinpoint. Purchase this song on iTunes:Little Golden Age – Expo 86

2. Passion Pit – Take a Walk
At face value, this song seems to be all about Wall Street excess and overreaching to keep up with the Joneses. But to a certain extent, I think this scenario is applicable to all of us. Plus, these guys KILLED IT at Bumbershoot. Purchase this song on iTunes:Take a Walk – Gossamer

3. Barcelona – Please Don’t Go
Another band that we saw at Bumbershoot, largely at Jenna’s insistence. There’s nothing political or symbolic about this one, it’s just really beautiful. And the music video for it is beyond awesome. Purchase this song on iTunes:Please Don’t Go – Absolutes

4. Dom – Living in America
It’s really easy for Americans to lapse into cynicism, especially during or immediately after an election. But whenever I feel like I’m going to need another case of beer to make it through another election cycle, I remind myself that one of my close friends is originally from Canada and how if you ask her, she’ll tell you how unbelievably stoked she is to live in the Pacific Northwest. Or I think about the British girl I met this summer whose lifelong ambition was to come to America to study volcanology at Mount Saint Helens. And I think to myself, “Well, maybe America’s pretty rad, after all.” And then I play this song. Purchase this song on iTunes:Living In America – Sun Bronzed Greek Gods (Bonus Track Version)

5. Joy Formidable – Whirring
I think this is arguably one of the coolest band names of the last 10 years or so, and the song is great, too. Purchase this song on iTunes:Whirring – The Big Roar

The prize for this go-around? Passes to the 2012 Portland Holiday Ale Festival.  Righteous!

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