MusicFestNW Live Blog: Day 1

PretentiousPDX will be Live Blogging from MusicFestNW all week long. Stay tuned for updates from MOSTOFTHESHOWS!


Taptaptap. Is thing on? Alright, kids, welcome to the PretentiousPDX liveblog of MusicFestNW 2013!

Our adventure starts here (rather inauspiciously) at Dante’s for local Portland band Summer Cannibals’ set.

So far, so good – there’s currently more of a line for Voodoo Donuts than there is at Dante’s.

Summer Cannibals are pretty good! Vocals are a little drowned out, though.

I just realised that I have to wear this wristband all week, and I’m already starting to feel commitment issues. Man, I’m never gonna be able to get married.

Or maybe I just don’t want to have the MySpace logo on my wrist all week…


Summer Cannibals just finished their set, but they promised that they “have shit for sale.” I’m hoping they’re referring to merch.

A lot of dudes are here glued to their phones. I can’t tell if they’re blogging like me, or just assholes.

Next up: some band called “Black Bananas”
I know nothing about them.

Black Bananas just came on stage. Is this chick high?

Trippy synths, brah!

I like these guys. If Joan Jett & Karen O had a baby that went on to front MGMT, I imagine it’d sound something like this.

Next up: Redd Kross. The only music video of theirs that I’ve seen features them wearing KISS makeup. Not sure I wanna stay for this…

Got tired of waiting for a band I don’t want to see. Day One: Completed.

Thus endeth the lesson.

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