A Very Hipster Hood River Christmas (A Christmas Double Feature, Part II)

So PretentiousPDX has been on an unintentional hiatus for the past few weeks as we attempted to cope with the unmitigated number of Awesome Things we’ve been doing, as of late. But in honor of the Christmas holiday, we’ve cooked up a little Christmas “Double Feature” for you to give you a glimpse of the Madness That Is Life at PretentiousPDX Headquarters. Here’s Part II:

A Very Hipster Hood River Christmas



Working on Portland’s Hipster Blogging Scene can be hard work. There are shows to see, records to recommend, nuggets of pop culture to analyse, and bad musicians to mock. Spitting all this truth at the masses can be tiring, so it’s important to take “me time”, once in a while. When Christmas rolled around this year, I decided to do just that, albeit in a suitably epic fashion – by joining my friend Paulette and Jenna B from Wait And Scene at Jenna’s Columbia Gorge lair for a Very Hipster Hood River Christmas!

After I finished Getting My Catholic On at Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve, I hopped in my car, cranked up the MGMT, and booked it out to Hood River. Now, most sane people would probably wait til morning to make such a drive, but I am not most people. (Some people would also question my sanity, but no matter.) Arriving at Jenna’s swanky Hood River digs in the wee hours of the morning, I wished Jenna and Paulette a very Merry Christmas, then went to bed.

The next morning, we awoke to a veritable winter wonderland – a bona fide White Christmas. All of the snow, everywhere.

Surprise Snowstorm or Hipster Beer Cooler? You decide.

Surprise Snowstorm = makeshift Hipster Beer Cooler. So Damn Frosty.

So how do some of Portland’s hippest singles celebrate Christmas? With lots of gourmet food, lots of craft beers and bellinis, and some pretty awesome swag, all accompanied by a killer soundtrack courtesy of DJ J-WAS and pretty much non-stop discussion about our blogs.

And what kind of hot swag do some of Portland’s raddest bloggers give each other for Christmas? Blog-related shit. (Surprise, surprise.) Paulette and I gave Jenna to some rad Wait And Scene-branded merch, and the girls got me some sick PDX-emblazoned cufflinks from local Etsy artisan Frawn.

The main reason I wrote this blog? So I could show off my sick new cufflinks.

The main reason I wrote this post? So I could show off my sick new cufflinks.

After our day long orgy of food, drink, and gift-giving, Paulette and I packed up our swag, bid Jenna farewell, and headed back to Portland to rest and prepare for more shenanigans on the Portland scene.

This photo? Posed? Of course not. I spend all kinds of time just chillin' on the couch with a bottle of single malt.

This photo? Posed? Of course not. I spend all kinds of time just chillin’ on the couch with a bottle of single malt.

So there you have it, kids. PretentiousPDX will be back with new content and articles soon, and we’re looking forward to continuing to rock your world in 2013… but in the meantime,  enjoy the remainder of your Christmas season (Catholics and Episcopalians celebrate the 12 Days of Christmas until 6 January, because we’re greedy like that) and have a happy New Year.

Stay sharp, Portland.


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