New and Improved!

Welcome to PretentiousPDX’s new digs! After six months killing it on the Portland blogging scene, we’ve finally taken the plunge and registered a domain name. All of the content from our old site is now live – and please make sure to bookmark and check back regularly for updates and new content.

When Jenna B and I originally started Yume and Jenna Are Cooler Than You (prior to becoming PretentiousPDX), Jenna’s Rockstar lifestyle left her with precious little time to make herself known in the blogosphere. However, at our exclusive PretentiousPDX Executive Retreat in Bend, this weekend, Jenna and I decided that there was just Way Too Much Awesome in our lives for just one blog, so Jenna is setting off to start her own creative endeavors. So while we’re retiring the YAJACTY byline,  if you’re lucky, there’s a chance that you’ll be seeing Jenna make her reappearance on the blogging scene in the near future. And even if the name doesn’t say it, just remember: We’re Still Cooler Than You.

Stay sharp, Portland.

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